12 April 2021

How To Get The Best Wedding Photos

Let’s get things straight from the off, I’m never going to expect any couple (as I know I won’t on my wedding day) to remember little details about where to look and how to act on the most enjoyable and emotion full day of your life. Instead I’m in favour of a bit of pre-planning with the photos in mind, that way you can let go on the day knowing that you’ll be getting the most out of your photographer. 


Allow a solid chunk of time for the drinks reception. It’s a fantastic time to get those incredible candid moments of your family and friends enjoying themselves so it’s a must have at any wedding.


Try to avoid the darker, gloomier areas of a building and maximise the most of any natural light spaces. 


If possible get ready in a tidy room, it’s not always a huge deal but it just means that my time isn’t spent moving bits out of the way or just having clutter in the background.


GOLDEN HOUR. Taking advantage of the perfect lighting is a must on any wedding day. I’ve added all the golden hour timings below so you can plan ahead and put a little time aside for that 10/10 lighting. 


Enjoy your day! Nothing makes the photos look better than the honest emotion of a couple truly and genuinely loving the celebrations that are happening. Don’t worry about what the photographer is doing, they’ve got things covered.


The last one is an on the day thought but it’s not huge and if anything goes more towards your enjoyment on the day. Take a deep breath before those big moments, keep your head up, look around at all your family and friends. It’s so easy to rush things, get caught up in the moment and they’re gone before you know it. By taking that little pause before the moment, not only do you appreciate it more but the extra composure makes those shots look 10x better.