How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer?

I nitially I had intended to write an FAQ on this topic, however I realised that a dedicated blog post might be more informative. It's not necessarily a question that I get asked a lot and when reading this you may expect a heavily biased answer. However, when planning your wedding it's essential to consider these factors to ensure you choose the photographer that's the best fit for you as a couple.

It's easy to over-complicate picking a professional and for that reason it's crucial to have in your head what it is you want from them. Do you want a documentary or more traditional style shoot? Do you want family group shots? Do you have a budget in mind? How long do you want the photographer in attendance? Do you want an engagement shoot? Will you want an album? These are just a few things that would be good to have agreed upon before you start the decision-making process. Once you have answered these questions, there are essentially four main areas to think about when looking for a wedding photographer:

1. Competence

Put simply, do you like the photographers work? Usually, it will take a matter of seconds for you to establish this based on your reaction to the images presented. Are the images excellent quality? Are they pleasant to look at?

2. Consistency

In order to effectively examine a photographer's competence, it's vital to establish that their work is consistent. If you meet your photographer at a wedding fair or show, the likelihood is that you'll see a carefully managed selection of their best work, so it's important to ask any potential photographer to see an example of a full client gallery, as this gives you the ability to see an entire wedding shoot in context. It will give you the ability to judge whether those glossy images on the cover of the photographer's web site and promotional material are carefully constructed model shoots, or a reliable example of their work and what they can produce for you.

3. Price.

Naturally, price is a key consideration when booking a wedding photographer. Photographers vary in price based upon their talent, the standard of equipment they use and their time commitment to you as a couple. Whilst establishing a budget is important, it's also crucial to not be to rigid with this and to understand that this has some potential for adjustment. Often, your photographer will consult with you to reach a happy balance can be reached between the coverage of your wedding and the final cost.

4. Personality.

It's vitally important to be comfortable in the company of the photographer you choose. They will be present during some of the most memorable moments of your first few hours as a married couple. In fact, they are the only supplier that will be with you for almost the entire day, capturing some important and intimate moments. In my view, you really want to be able to trust them and know them a little so that your interactions are comfortable and enhance your enjoyment on the big day. In my experience, some of the most wonderful photographs come from these moments.

This is the reason I recommend that couples meet their photographer before they sign the contract. Hopefully an hour or so over a coffee, or even a call over Skype, will give you a much better idea of what they're like and whether you'd be happy to have them around on one of the most important days of your life!

All that's left to say is all the best with your wedding and happy shopping! If you have any other questions or would like advice on any of the above then I'd be happy to help.